Name: Lulu
Age:: 22 (in FFX)
Home: Besaid Island
Race: Human
Job Class: Black Mage
Weapons: Dolls/Magic
Overdrive: Fury
Celestial Weapon: Onion Knight
Music Track: Lulu's Theme

Lulu is the older sister figure of Yuna, the main female lead. She resides on Besaid Island, where she was once married to Chappu, Wakka's deceased brother. She is the resident Black Mage and is very useful in battle for her strong magic attacks. When Yuna decides to travel Spira on her summoner's journey, Lulu accompanies her as a protector. Lulu was formerly the guardian for another summoner, Lady Ginnem.

Personality-wise, Lulu appears stoic and haughty, but is very concerned with those whom she looks after. She is apparently very observant, as she quickly notices Yuna's feelings for Tidus early on. To Tidus, Lulu is able to offer straightforward explanations of the world to a newcomer and occasionally humors his early come-ons. Lulu is a follower of Yevon. She recognizes the religion's main significance in that it provides hope to the masses, but is not a fervent believer like Wakka.

Lulu's name means "pearl" in Arabic. Character designer Nomura created her outfit with many belts to challenge the game's CG developers. The developers countered this difficulty by limiting her exposure in the game's full motion videos.